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The City of Berryville was incorporated December 16, 1972.  First City Council meet was held January 18, 1973.

Berryville Mayors

1972 - 1979 - James E Berry

1979 - 1981 - Josephine Lake

1981 - 1982 - James Garner

1982 - 1987 - Glenda Kindle

1987 - 1991 - Erwin Berry

1991 - 1999 - John McElvany

1999 - 2005 - James Colvin

2005 - 2016 - Roy Brown

2016 - 2021 - Ron Hewlett

2021 - Present - Sue Morgan


The Council consists of Mayor, Mayor Protem, 4 council members.  All are elected for 2 years terms alternating years.  The Council meets each month.  The Council wrote ordinances to run/operate the City, which we use today.


Berryville is located at the east end of Henderson County, Texas.   Along the west side of Lake Palestine just north of the Blackburn Dam.

James Berry was a Grocer and Butcher from Dallas who came to this area and purchased land from Jack Bolts in 1958.   Erwin Berry is the Son of James Berry.  The Grocery Store opened Thanksgiving week of 1971.  The roads were sand and gravel. There were 10 independent party lines with Frankston Independent Phone Company.  Henderson County Sheriff offered no service.

Erwin Berry and neighbors worked to get the City incorporated. Bill Coogle was the attorney that helped to incorporate the City.

Once the City was incorporated several neighbors canvassed the City to push for a Wet election to sell liquor and get funds for the City.

James Berry, Owner of the grocery Store was elected the first Mayor and served 2 terms.  The first City council members were: Erwin Berry, Mayor Pro tem, and Ms. Lake (2nd Mayor), Cotton Barnhart (Cotton’s Corner, Evie Wiggins, and Mattie Albright.

The name Berryville derived from Mr. Berry being the first Mayor. Population was approximately 400 people.

There were 3 subdivisions: 1K Pines, Holiday Hills and 3 Points.  Each had its own water system and well.  Holiday Hills is the Oldest Subdivision on Lake Palestine. 1K Pines water system was owned by Erwin Berry.  3 Points was owned by McGuffy water. Holiday Hills was owned by Rockmore and Harris, a company in Palestine.

The Fire Department was behind the Grocery Store.  Erwin Berry donated the land for the building and City Hall in February 1974. Loan made with First State bank for $10,000 to build a building.

Berryville voted wet in 1973 and had 5 liquor stores:  1K Pines, Cotton’s, Lakes, and Mr. T.  Bootleggers would buy ½ pint of Whiskey for $1.50 and sell for $5.

Gordon Pomplin was a one man water department as was Lewis Chalk.  The Water System was purchased in July 1978.  3 Points well owned by Bob McGuffey, 1K Pines well by Erwin Berry, Holiday Hills by Paul Hampton of Palestine.  Berryville drilled wells in 1979, 1999 behind the ball field and 2008 in Holiday Hills near the old well.

All of the welding at the Lenore berry Ballpark was done by Gordon Pomplin.  The gift of the land and Park of Lenore Berry cannot be sold.  It is for the benefit of residents of Berryville.

Erwin Berry was very active by serving several terms as Mayor Pro tem,   Mayor, volunteer Fire Department and painting the pipe at the park.

The first Fire Truck was purchased from Kemah, TX for $500. That had an 8000 gallon water tank.  The tank was set back on the frame with the pump up front behind the cab.  When driving up the hill past the old Bacon Farm, the front wheels would rise off the ground and it was hard to steer.

Erwin Berry retired from the Berryville Council in early 90’s.

Berryville had a jail in the fire department building that had a toilet, window and sink.  The Police department was 1 car and 1 man. The 1st Fire chief was Al Clay for 2 months then Norman Ledbetter was appointed Fire Chief.   Ledbedder from Holiday Hills served as Policeman.  A deputy was hired from Wood County but used excessive force and was fired.  Police Department was deactivated in October 1988.

Cuney went wet about 1986 and Berryville began losing some liquor stores.

Berry had the Marina and campground behind the store on Cobb Creek. 

Erwin Berry and a Partner created the Cemetery and the Building built was a funeral home.  His Partner left town with the funds and Erwin with the note at First State Bank in Frankston.  Mr. Austin donated the building to the City of Berryville as our current City Hall.

Hilltop Baptist Church began in a “bait house” near the current location in Holiday Hill subdivision.

St Charles Borromeo Catholic Mission started in a small room attached to a daycare center on CR 4117 in Berryville on March 8, 1997.  After a few months the Church purchased land at 1101 Hwy 155 N of Frankston, which is their current location.

The Berryville Community Church is on the corner of CR 4117 and Edgewater North of the Current Berryville City Hall.